Unconventional Termite Control Ideas That Actually Work

Are you tired of having termites infesting your home and want to do something about it? If so, then you must know that you have a genuine problem at hand. Termite infestation is quite common, but these pests are known to cause a lot of damage to the place they have infested. Firstly, it would make sense to know with confidence whether you have a genuine termite infestation at your place or not. This is important, as it will then help you to move to the next step. Once you have confirmed that you have a termite problem at your place, it would help if you could determine the type of termites. Doing so will assist you in finding an adequate treatment that will work. Before you decide to call in professional help, better give a proper look to your home and see the magnitude of the infestation to get a better idea of the extent of the problem.

Don’t Go For DIY Tricks – They Don’t Work

Once you know about how small or big the infestation is, it will give you a better idea about what to do to control the problem. While you can try your own DIY ideas for controlling the termites, but that may or may not work. Here is more on what to do to control the termite problem:

Examine The Place Properly

No area of your home must escape your eyes. You need to be as vigilant and alert as one can be. This is important because it will allow you to keep an eye on each area. Look for bubbled paint or mud-like clog on the ground. Both signs may indicate that termites have invaded your home. Know that the extent of the problem can be identified by professional termite control services, so call them the moment you ascertain the problem. It is important that you call the termite control and fumigation service only after you have identified the problem with certainty.

Call In For Help

When you are sure that the termites are there, it is time to call in professional termite control services. They’ll take care of the problem and in doing so, you might see them fumigating different areas of your home, especially those heavily infested with termites. Fumigation can leave a pungent smell all over your home, so you should try to maintain distance from areas where it had just been done. In the meantime, practice precautions and avoid putting wood, water in areas where fumigation had just been done.

Fumigation Methods That’ll Work Wonders For Pest And Rodent Problems

Rodents and pests; both can infiltrate any home at any given time. There is no prior warning, and they burrow holes in the sand or make your walls and roof their home in little time. Some rodents and pests act so quickly that they infest homes in a matter of a fortnight. By the time you have a suspicion, they are already there. So, is there any stopping them or should you just wait for them to infiltrate your home any moment? Well, there are a few things that you can do. First of all, you should try to prevent the problem, so you do all you can to stop these unwanted guests from entering your home. If preventive measures don’t work, then it is time to look for a proper cure. In this case, the cure will be to call in proper, well-reputed fumigation service to help you get rid of pests and rodents.

Why Fumigation?

Truth is that fumigation is a very effective method of getting rid of pests, insects, and rodents, but it must be used in different ways to make it more effective. The chemicals used in each type of fumigation process may vary from type to type. Also, note that some types are done manually while others are done using machines and pressure sprays. It is up to you to choose the type of fumigation that you think will work best for you.

Using Gaseous Form

Perhaps the most common type of fumigation being used these days, this type focuses on the utilization of a spraying machine that produces a high-pressure jet to spray the liquid chemical mix. Keep in mind that agents used in fumigation are highly poisonous and must be used while no human or pet is nearby. It would be best to seal the area with plastic and tape and make sure that no pets are around before spraying.

Solid Fumigant

Though the chemical composition of fumigant agents remains similar, the form may be different. As per experts, some fumigants have shown promising results when used as solids, while others have proven to be more effective as liquids.

Liquid Fumigant

It can use methyl bromide or aluminum phosphide, but they are used in liquid form due to the effectiveness of these agents. For best results, fumigation services provide proper inspection and fumigation of the place at least twice a year, but the number of visits may vary depending upon your requirements.

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